Know Anything and Everything about shoes!

Black High heel pumps = stilettoes

A basic black pump in suede or patent is the ultimate go-to; they pull together any outfit and add instant sophistication.

These are shoes where the foot is supported all around the shoe front, back and on both sides and can have an ankle strap. The sole is a one piece type with a heel of any size with a high heel pump often called a stiletto.

Ankle-Strap Sandals a comfort style with a biblical connection


A barely-there ankle-strap sandal goes with just about anything and lengthens your legs.

In Biblical times a sandal was given as a sign of an oath.

Ballet Flats

The quintessential run-around shoe, and a preppy-wardrobe staple, we favour a basic black or a bright colour when it comes to flats.

Women began to dance ballet in 1682, twenty years after King Louis XIV of France ordered the founding of the Royal Academy of Dance. At that time, the standard women's ballet shoe had heels.

Animal-Print Heels a fashion excess

Snakeskin, leopard or tiger print heels add sultry style to your look. We also consider this print a neutral when mixing with other prints.

The first footwear fashion excess was the elongated pointed toe, said to have originated in the late 1100s. The style was popular in the late 1100s but subsided from fashion, and when reintroduced from Poland in the early 1300s it had become known as a poulaine or crakow, reflecting its supposed Polish origin.

Shimmering Heels

Shimmering heels are a no-brainer for an evening look—makes your presence felt with the right amount of sheen.

Platform Wedges and its neccessity of invention

Wedges lend a lot of height and a lot of style.

Ferragamo invented wedges when Italy was suffering from closed trade with other countries. The wedge shoe was invented out of necessity in the 1940s. Due to the economic sanctions against Italy, Ferragamo could no longer purchase steel for his traditional heels.

Loafers, a style brought by Audrey Hepbrun

A touch of class and sophistication, pair it with jeans or shorts and you are ready to set the sail!

 Hepburn was able to make loafers look just as great on women as they do on men. The Wall Street Journal credits the rise in loafers' popularity to Audrey Hepburn wearing them in the 1957 film, "Funny Face," in which the actress "wore black leather Ferragamos as an anti-fashion beatnik bookstore clerk."

Flat Sandals

The ubiquitous summer slip-on to pair with everything from cut-off shorts to a floral sundress.